From sourcing specialty fabrics, alternatives, pattern making, and digital printing, we’ve got you covered…

• specialty fabrics
• antimicrobial
• lamination
• tailored fit
• customization
• sourcing
• slip covers + zip covers
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Fabric-covered form W/ Laser Cut Brass Icon: Instantly elevating basic materials and adding your brand. (PRP, PU, PE Forms, sewn fabric zip cover, brass detail)

Tailored Fit

Upholstered Shapes: In a beautiful range of textiles from cotton to wool. (PE form, Tailored fit, steel collar and shoulder caps, wool suiting fabric with pinning + cast aluminum base)


In-house lamination: Taking fabric to a whole new level

Specialty Fabrics

SOFTEE Upholstered forms + mannequins: Custom patterns in specialty fabrics (PRP mannequin, wood articulated arms, memory foam parts for the perfect fit, specialty fabrics + custom patterns)

Zip Cover

Cover one of yours or one of ours – and instantly refresh your display. (Leather, zip cover)


Tufted Upholstered Ottoman, Antimicrobial: Providing lasting, continual protection against potentially harmful bacteria. (Antimicrobial material, high-density foam cushion, durable polyurethane vinyl, stainless steel legs)


Our expertise to fit your brand – and budget