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/ style at a steal / zero maintenance / 100% recyclable / lightweight / dramatically durable /
color iinFUSED / ‘virtually’ sculpted / hi-speed production / 2 year warranty 

/ 5 minute cycle time / 9X faster than industry standard / regional supply from 3 countries /
1 mold produces 300,000+ mannequins / annual capacity 150,000 mannequins / 600,000 forms 

/ digital cloning / computer numeric controlled (CNC) / consistent wall thickness /
virtual development / zero waste





who we are


TO vii or not to vii

4 million mannequins manufactured annually 70% are made from non-sustainable, toxic fiberglass bodies and PVC hands.

Recyclable PRP (proprietary polypropylene polymer) is a certified prime High Impact PP Copolymer designed for extrusion blowmolded applications that require durability and elasticity for high impact resistance. iinFUSED colorant shares the same properties as the virgin material and is molecularly bonded to stay color fast for years to come. 

/ 100% recyclable PRP, head to toe – inside and out 
/  hi-efficiency technology – emissions 100% water vapor 
/ 100% recyclable molds
/ 100% recyclable packaging 



who we are



Makers of sustainable and recyclable mannequins, forms, accessorizers and fixtures for fashion retailers and retail brands, SEVEN CONTINENTS provides innovation, inspiration, design, personalized customer service and great value. 40+ years of manufacturing experience, patented industry changing advancements, and a team of artisans, engineers and specialists transform brand visions into custom, comprehensive visual programs.

SEVEN CONTINENTS offers regional supply, international distribution, warehousing and vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in Canada, China and Indonesia. 

/ investing in versatile vertical manufacturing to continuously improve every product we deliver 

/ masterful manufacturing, industry changing advancements + retail proficiency 

/ teams of artisans, engineers + specialists bring personalized brand visions to life 

/ on time, on budget, specialized packaging + superior customer service



brands who trust us




With a finger on the pulse of retail, SEVEN CONTINENTS interprets the ever-changing commercial landscape and the trends that shape it, we provide insights, brand interpretation and solutions to evolving customer preferences. Our clients are multi-store international retailers and brands visually defining themselves in a competitive market; we have long-time relationships with clients who trust us.

/ interactive + instore experiences 
/ transitioning e-commerce brands to brick + mortar 
/ offering nearshoring solutions





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